Jincheng Zhou is a graduate student at the University of Southern California. I currently work as a student worker at the Sigma Cognitive Architecture lab in the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. I received the Computer Science Outstanding Student Award from USC Viterbi School of Engineering when graduating with a B.S. degree in CS.

I am generally interested in Artificial General Intelligence, i.e., building a human-like, knowledge-based, generally intelligent system. I believe this is the single most important technological breakthrough in the entirety of human history. My past research has been revolving around cognitive architectures, cognitive modeling, deep & multi-agent reinforcement learning, probabilistic graphical models & programming. At the current stage, I am also interested in knowledge representation & represntation learning, causal reasoning, and natural language processing. I believe research breakthroughs in all these areas will be critical to the engineering of a next-generation integrated architecture of artificial general intelligence.

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  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Cognitive Architecture and Systems
  • Cognitive Modelling
  • Deep & Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models & Programming
  • Knowledge Representation & Representation Learning
  • Causal Inference & Discovery
  • Natural Language Processing
  • MS in Computer Science, 2022 (in progress)

    University of Southern California

  • BS in Computer Science, 2021

    University of Southern California

  • BS in Mathematics, 2021

    University of Southern California

Recent Publications

(2021). Route Optimization in Service of a Search and Rescue Artificial Social Intelligence Agent. In FSS-21 (in press).

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